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  • Design guidelines for social robots

    Design guidelines for social robots

    For my master thesis I have developed design guidelines for social robots working in public space. For the purpose I designed and built a prototype that I tested in the city of Sønderborg, Denmark.

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  • ITPD Presentation Video

    User Experience Design

    I thought that IT Product Design needed a way to present itself online other than just the university's website, therefore I suggested that we made a presen-tation video for the design specialization course.

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  • User Experience Design

    User Experience Design

    This project is about interaction. We are building a vending machine and with this machine we wish for people to be able to recognize the brand values of what they are buying in the interaction with the machine.

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  • Interaction Research

    Interaction Research

    For Interaction Research I was working on a project for a large design company with three other students. We were conducting research on people's medicational habits, i.e. how they store it, remember it, etc.

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  • SUFFER‘11 (a field robot)

    SUFFER‘11 (a field robot)

    I had 3 weeks to design and build a field robot that would be able to navigate autonomously through a corn maize. For this task I designed this belt vehicle that will conquer any terrain it meets.

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  • DogmeBot


    As an intro-project for the field robotics course I designed and build this so called “DogmeBot”. It's a motor boat made out of those everyday materials we had available in the lab.

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  • User Systems Design

    User Systems Design

    We were working with researchers in SPIRE, making an interactive “poster” that would help them getting an overview over the most important electronic instruments over time.

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  • Participatory Innovation

    Participatory Innovation

    Participatory Innovation was about collaborating with a company about developing a product or a service. We helped a local start-up company developing the concept for an app.

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  • Build a Light - Interactive Lamp

    Interactive Lamp

    For the skills class I was given the task to design and build an interactive lamp with an Arduino board. My lamp was about mixing colors and “what happens when I do this?”.

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  • Critical Design

    Critical Design

    Provotyping. This was about how to “force” people who work with a subject all day, and maybe have do so for years, to see it from another perspective. The theme for this was a PhD project about indoor climate.

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  • Business of Design

    Business of Design

    This project was made for a local company who needed help to better understand their african activities. After 2 interviews we came up with a tangible business model that would illustrate the company.

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  • Video Design Hopscotch

    Video Design Hopscotch

    This project was a research carried out for a up-start company. We video interviewed 6 different people and asked them to show and tell about their day, especially with focus on the situations.

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  • Design is a Game

    Design is a Game

    The project I did in the ITPD program was about game design. We designed this game for a client who needed a tool to help them kick off an idea generation session. The game is based on what the client was working on.

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  • Userface Design for Set-top Boxes

    Userface Design for Settop Boxes

    This was my Bachelor thesis. It's about interaction design based on set-top boxes. We redesigned the interface on a Triax set-top box and designed an all new remote control with ergonomics and functionality.

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  • A study of Nanotechnology

    A study of Nanotechnology

    I took a course in which the essence is that the students themselves acquire knowledge about a particular topic he has chosen. I chose nanotechnology and its impact on the environment and health.

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  • SDU Vikings Racing Team

    SDU Vikings Racing Team

    For this project I worked as a team manager and was in charge of the suspension and steeringwheel design for the Faculty of Engineering's 2009 Formula Student racecar, Viking II.

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  • User Centered Design

    User Centered Design - Nassau Doors A/S

    For this course we did two small projects about user studies. For the first one we did user studies for Nassau Doors A/S about their users habits when using their products.

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  • Electric motor solution for panel blinds

    Electric motor solution for panel blinds

    The the 4th semester we had to design a product that would involve an electric motor solution. We formed a collaboration with the danish company Faber A/S and design a solution for one of their existing products.

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  • Problem Identification (technical file)

    Problem Identification (technical file)

    This project was about problem identification. The faculty advisors had bought a cheap chinese bench drill, that probably just had been copied from something they had seen at an industrial exhibition.

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  • Innovation (start your own business)

    Innovation (start your own business)

    For this project we created a company that would sell a “designer massage chair”, as we found a potential market for this type of furniture in Scandinavia, as non of the existing chairs matched our furniture tradition.

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  • Industrial Manufactured Pruning Tool

    Industrial Manufactured Pruning Tool

    This project was about developing an industrial manufactured pruning tool for a fictional company called Gardenlife. The product focused on technology and ergonomics.

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  • Realistic prototypes

    Realistic prototypes

    We did a workshop in the beginning of my bachelor program where they taught us to build realistic scale models of the designs that we made. Here I made a scale model of the series 7-chair by Arne Jacobsen.

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  • Alternative Transportation by Bicycle

    Alternative Transportation by Bicycle

    This was the first project I worked on during my training. The title was predefined by the faculty, and it was then up the students (divided into small teams) to figure out how to solve the task.

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