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Participatory Innovation

Participatory Innovation


Participatory Innovation - Testing mobile app
Participatory Innovation - Paper mock-up of concept


Project Details

For Participatory Innovation we were collaborating with a local start-up company about creating a news service. They had an idea and our task was to help / guide them in the development process.

We didn't work for them, but with them as sort of an external consultancy agency. In this role we came with inputs to further develop some of their own ideas, developed some of our own, and helped them with their business model, which we especially saw as something they needed help it.

We used different tools to test the concept. Among others was the cultural probes where we asked potential users to generate content for a news paper. We also built a simple app using HTML and QR scan tags to test parts of the final product with privat users and professional users. Along with that we held two workshops with the company to develop the concept and the business.

Important keywords for the project was:

  • Provotyping
  • Cultural probes
  • Workshops
  • Personas
  • User panel
  • Ethnography
  • Wire-framing
  • App development
  • Business modelling
  • Participatory Innovation

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