Rapid Prototyping

  • User Experience Design

    Design guidelines for Social Robots

    For my master thesis I have developed design guidelines for social robots working in public space. For the purpose I designed and built a prototype that I tested in the city of Sønderborg, Denmark.

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  • User Experience Design

    User Experience Design

    This first prototype made for the purpose of testing an interaction style are made with a cardboard cover.
    Inside it the mechanics are entirely of LEGO Technics that are connected to a servo motor.

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  • SUFFER‘11 (a field robot)

    SUFFER‘11 (a field robot)

    The main ingredient for this robot is steel! Basically everything but the gears and the belts are made of steel, because it was easy to process in the Faculty of Engineering's big metal workshop. This means that everything that's not moveable are welded on. Moveable parts are mounted with bolts, or in rare cases superglued on.
    The original plan was that the robot was supposed to get a cover made with glass fiber, but because I was lacking time toward the end I never got to make it.

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  • DogmeBot


    The concept of the DogmeBot is that it can be made by anyone of every material. This particular DogmeBot are made from two pepsi bottles that were cut in half. They 3 parts are joined by ice cream sticks and on top of the sticks are glued a net to make it look more like a real trimaran. Mechanically they motor unit are glued onto the inside bottom of the big bottle and the shaft go trough a narrow hole out of the end and have a propeller, made from brass mounted on it. The rudder are mounted on a servo motor that are placed above and behind the propeller on an angle bracket.

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  • DogmeBot

    Participatory Innovation

    Participatory Innovation was about collaborating with a company about developing a product or a service. We helped a local start-up company developing the concept for an app.

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  • Interactive Lamp

    Interactive Lamp

    The interactive lamp is made of cardboard with paper on the top.
    The Electronics inside consist of a programmed Arduino board that is connect to a RGB LED light that is capable of mixing colors. All the way from bottom to top, on all 6 sides of the light, are mounted magnetic switches that reacts to magnets that are placed different in the 6 pieces that can be placed around it.

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  • Business of Design

    Business of Design

    The “agility track” were basically made of all the left-overs we could find our ITPD Design Studio. The big frame is made of polystyrene covered with a green carpet. The obstacles are mainly made from cardboard or some of the soft foam. The tools are as well made from cardboard or some from wooden sticks.

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  • Design is a Game

    Design is a Game

    For this board game we made the board itself from cardboard and glued printings of the map on it.
    The bricks are made of ABS plast as they were printed on MCI's 3D printer, and were then painted red/white.

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  • Userface Design for Settop Boxes

    Userface Design for Set-top Boxes

    Here you see a picture of the models of the remote control which we had made. They are both 3D print, made from acrylic plastic - the color is painted on. They are made in scale 1:1. The black remote shows how it is intended to look, and the clear shows the internal structure. The remote control looks chubby on images, but as you see here, it is actually very small and not thick at all. The batteries on this picture are AAA batteries, which are the ones that are to be used with the remote control.

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  • SDU Vikings Racing Team

    SDU Vikings Racing Team

    When I had to design the steeringwheel, I was there were some limitations because I rejoined the team just a week before we would leave for England. They had already bought the steering wheel itself and the electronics were made, so what I basically had to do was to design a waterproof container that could be mounted on the steeringwheel. I therefore came up with this simple design that I then printed on the Faculty's old 3D printer. It is made with ABS plast.

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  • Innovation (start your own business)

    Innovation (start your own business)

    This model chair is made from soft foam and some metal. As it is only a concept model for the design, it is not as detailed as some other models may be, and there is not a precise scale. It is made though with a certain detail level, making it possible to see what the different components are supposed to be like. From another angle it is easier to how the leather seats are to be shaped in the surrounding wood shell.

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  • Industrial manufactured pruning tool

    Industrial manufactured pruning tool

    We developed a self-leveling hedge trimmer that uses laser technique to help the user cut his hedge in level, or with a precise angle if on a slope. This prototype is primarily made of hard foam. It has moveable parts - just like the final product should have - and many details such as buttons and lcd display. The blade is from another hedge trimmer, which we bought for the purpose. As it is here demonstrated, the model has moveable parts so that it better can illustrate how it can be used. The model is made in scale 1:1.

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  • Realistic prototypes

    Realistic prototypes

    During my training I took a course in which I was taught to make realistic scale models with the right materials. In this case I have made a copy of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen's series 7 chair. The chair is made, just as the real one, with press shaped, laminated wood. The legs are made of steel that have been bended and soldered together. It is made in scale 1:5,5.

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  • Alternative Transportation by Bicycle

    Alternative Transportation by Bicycle

    This is a model of the rowing-cabine-bicycle that was made on the first semester. The model is made from hard foam, a wood-like material which used for most prototypes made at the faculty. It has been assembled from several parts, and the surface was filled, and sanded thoroughly before the model was painted.

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