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DogmeBot - Pepsi Trimaran


DogmeBot - Pepsi Trimaran
DogmeBot - Pepsi Trimaran
DogmeBot - Pepsi Trimaran
DogmeBot - Pepsi Trimaran
Project Details

The concept of the DogmeBot is that it can be made by anyone of every material. This particular DogmeBot are made from two pepsi bottles that were cut in half. They 3 parts are joined by ice cream sticks and on top of the sticks are glued a net to make it look more like a real trimaran. Mechanically they motor unit are glued onto the inside bottom of the big bottle and the shaft go trough a narrow hole out of the end and have a propeller, made from brass mounted on it. The rudder are mounted on a servo motor that are placed above and behind the propeller on an angle bracket.

Important keywords for the project was:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Industrial design
  • Electronics / Robotics

  • DogmeBot sails for the first time

    This video shows the DogmeBot the first time it was in the water. Unfortunately it was at this moment still not able to steer on its own, so it just goes straight ahead. I was however meant from the beginning that it should be able to steer on own, in the sense that it would go straight for e.g. 4 secs, then turn right for 2, then turn left for another 2 and then go straight again; so a very basic preprogrammed steering.

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