Statement from Ericsson Danmark A/S Diax

Struer, August 5, 2009

Stefan Lydal Langpap has over the period February 1, 2009, to June 30, 2009, worked as an intern from the University of Southern Denmark in Mechanics, Product Development at Ericsson A / S

Stefan has participated in the development of mechanical issues to telecom products.

Stefan has completed an independent project cycle, ranging from analysis of the product idea phase, presentation of design proposals, materials and component selection, the subsequent drafting of production basis.

Throughout the project, Stefan has worked with environmental standards applicable to telecom equipment, conducted environmental tests on components made environmental impact assessments as well as pricing calculations.

Subsequently, Stefan made presentation materials for the product from the 3D material he produced during the design phase.

We have come to know Stefan as a steady employee who works independently and focused with the tasks. Moreover, with his quiet nature, have been pleasant to work with.


Ericsson A / S
Hans Knutsson
Manager, Product Development Mechanics
PDU Broadband Access


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Statement from Ericsson Danmark A/S Diax