Statement from SPIRE

S√łnderborg, August 29, 2012

I have experienced working with Stefan in two occasions, i.e., as his teacher in the User Experience Design course and as thesis supervisor for his final master thesis.

In both occasions he showed self-motivation, excellent project managing skills, but also knew when and how to include others into his project. He combines strong engineering skills with a designerly creativity and a genuine interest in the stakeholders of his project.

Stefan positively surprised me, where he employed activities that I did not directly expect from him, or expect in such a short time frame. In the User Experience Design course, together with a fellow student, he had designed an interesting vending machine that required dancing. In the first user test in a small time frame he went full on in documenting the use with multiple camera viewpoints and over an extensive period of time providing valuable information for the project.

In his final master thesis he surprised me with his determination and dedication in realising a nicely finished exterior for the functional prototype.

In our meetings Stefan was always well prepared and could clearly communicate his view, while being open to alternatives.

In short I am very positive about Stefan and can highly recommend him for the position that you offer.

Yours sincerely,

Stephan Wensveen
Associate Professor Interaction Design
Mads Clausen Institute
University of Southern Denmark

Statement from SPIRE