CV / Resume


On this very page you can read about the companies that I have worked for over the years. I have divided these into Highly relevant work experience, Less relevant work experience and Other experience.

You can also read about what skills I have acquired trough my education.

Highly relevant work experience

Master Thesis Project

(2/2012 - 5/2012)
For this thesis I have worked on developing design guidelines for a social robot that works in public space. In the process I have collaborated with Odense and Sønderborg Municipalities, Sønderborg Park & Vej, Odense Renovation A/S and Skælskør Anlægsgartner. After rounds of interviews and workshops with my partners, I build and tested a working prototype of a social robot that I designed myself based on knowledge and requirements from the partners. The test data was analyzed and 4 design guidelines came out of it.

Triax A/S

(9/2009 - 1/2010)
I worked on a project were I designed a new user interface for an existing DVB-T set-top-box for the Danish marked. The project included both remote control and the software structure. The project was written in collaboration with the Danish antenna manufacturer Triax A/S by me and a fellow student. Both Triax A/S and our advisers at the Faculty was highly pleased with the project, and we both got an A at the examen.

Ericsson Danmark A/S Diax

(2/2009 - 6/2009)
I was a trainee in Ericsson's department for mechanical design at Diax, in which I was involved in the design and construction of two products which were used respectively above and below ground. Both product were to de made from aluminum.

Less relevant work experience


(7/2009 - 12/2009)
I worked for NIRAS A/S as a student assistant.


(11/2005 - 12/2009)
I worked as a bartender and a bus boy during the weekends.

General Logistics Systems

(8/2004 - 8/2007)
I worked as a driver, delivering parcels, and with manual sorting of parcels during day and evening. During 2005/2006 I had the responsibility for evening sorting.

Other experience

Political party in Sønderborg

(3/2011 - present)

Volunteer at Pindstrup Centret

(2008 - 2010)
I have participated as a volunteer leader at summer camps at Pindstrup Centret, which organizes week-camps in the summer and autumn holiday for children and teenagers with various disabilities or diseases; so-called integration camps.

Political youth organization in Odense

(2/2005 - 3/2010)
3 years as chairman
1 year as vice chairman
1 year as treasurer

Political party in Odense

(1/2006 - 12/2009)
Substitute member of the city council

Language skills


Perfect (native language)


Fluent (orally and in writing)


Read and understand

IT skills

Adobe Photoshop

Average user

Adobe Illustrator

Average user

Adobe InDesign

Average user

Apple’s iWork

Average user

Autodesk Inventor


Autodesk AutoCAD

Average user

Balsamiq Mockups

Average user

CES EduPack


Final Cut Pro

Average user





Microsoft Office




Stefan Lydal Langpap

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