My dream

I want to make the world a better place to live!

But not in the regular humanistic way. I want to do it with focus on two things:


Focus on user interface

I want to create consumer products for the general consumer that makes a difference in his or her everyday life, that are appreciated for its user interface and its functions. A great user interface is what makes a product stand out from the crowd in the positive way and it does not necessarily have to cost more, but even if so, many consumers may still want to pay for it - if it really is better than the rest of the market.

Focus on the environment

I dream of sustainable consumer products where the environmental impact have been considered all the way through the entire life cycle, and perhaps what I find most important, that there has been given thought into what to do with the products after their useful life, so that parts can be reused to create new great products, instead of ending up at the city dump or cause an environmental pollution.