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Electric motor solution for panel blinds in collaboration with Faber A/S

Electric motor solution for panel blinds


Electric motor solution for panel blinds


Project Details

The task for the 4th semester, was to make an electric motor solution for a product in collaboration with a company of our choice. My team formed a collaboration with the danish company Faber A/S, and we designed an electric motor solution to an existing curtain system.

I also did a small subproject on user centered design for this. I tested the installation manual that came along with the curtain system we were handed from Faber. For this task I used video to document the observations I made of the end user while he was installing the system in a staged setting, so that I later could analyze his steps, and record all he said during. This method worked very well, especially as the manual turned out to be quite poor. From the data I collected I could pinpoint exactly where the user got confused, and could by that improve the manual.

Important keywords for the project was:

  • Motor solution design
  • Industrial design
  • User studies
  • Video observations

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