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Video Design Hopscotch

Video Design Hopscotch - Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Daily Challenges

The dvd contains 6 movies that are entitled:

1) The Know-Hows

2) Positive Arthritis

3) Easy, isn't it?

4) Living with Tools

5) A day with Fingers

6) Lack of Strenght

Project Details

We did this video design hopscotch project for a local start-up company who needed vital information about their users, people suffering from arthritis.

What we did was that we interviewed 6 different women about them and their disease. We asked them to show and tell about situations that was troublesome for them and about their tools, if they had bought some or maybe made some of their own.

Afterwards we edited it down to 6 short videos on specific subjects.

In the end we held a workshop where we used video cards to discuss the different situation and brainstorm on what could be done to help the patients in these.

Important keywords for the project was:

  • User studies
  • Video editing
  • Video cards
  • Workshop
  • Ethnography
  • A tool for R&D


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